Who is Ammad Awan

Ammad Awan is a passionate and motivated manager. He is a loving and business person who dedicated to satisfying his customers and all people in general. He has proven track of amazing record o that is connected with transforming small scale low-performing teams. His work involves focusing on analytics on the best methods to use in improving operations. Apart from that, his analysis monitors customer and person experience through the use of performance management. He aims at enhancing excellent service delivery and efficiency throughout his workforce. Ammad Awan

Currently, Ammad Awan is working at Graham Properties in Glasgow, the United Kingdom as a senior operations manager. Before joining Graham Properties, Ammad Awan worked with Muller & Ireland group as a supply chain service manager where he served the team for one year and three months. Click here

From August 2016 to May 2017, he was in handling and managing team of technical advisors who had the mandate to enhance optimised delivery in the direct line performance and management. Parseq gave him a chance to create operational governance with a structured framework for better performance. Learn more About Ammad Awan

Ammad Awan

Being a manager of customer operations at Capita customer Management gave Ammad Awan an opportunity of working for about two years and nine months. During this time, he was responsible for handling teams that focused on providing quality and customer satisfaction. His stay led to improved management due to his regular coaching and workshops that he conducted.

Ammad Awan is living example working managers who can be trusted in their work. The negotiation skills that he has developed over time are fantastic. With his simple words, he can lead to an increase in brand profile and also help clients who need process improvement. His coaching skills show that he is a true leader who is worth handling any managerial tasks all over.

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