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This is a place of interactivity. The Escape Game “the #1 ‘Escape Room’ in the United States,” and Houstonians can now test that for themselves as it is open now.

It is located in CityCentre, The Escape Game Houston joins the list as the third Texas location (Austin opened in December 2015 and Dallas opened in May 2017) and like its predecessors, the Houston location makes those dreams you have of cracking a mystery or saving the world a reality. This is a place where you can enjoy solving  a live mystery.

This is a place for teamwork as here’s how it works: You and your team are locked in a room and have one hour to complete a mission and escape. Escaping will require teamwork, quick thinking, as you need the sense of a detective determination and a sense of urgency. You can choose to embark on the journey with just your group of friends or make some new ones who came for the hunt. The Escape Game has booking options online where you can purchase an entire game room (Pricing could be about $32 per person plus tax). Just know that if you don’t reach capacity, you could be paired with other players in the same room who have same intention like you to solve the mystery.

It has the top mysteries to be solved. The Escape Game Houston is close to Grimaldi’s on Sorella Court in a nearly 4,000-square-foot space. There are 4 immersive, unique games to choose from.

First is Prison Break, Then you could choose Gold Rush or you could select The Heist, and Playground. In the Prison Break room, the goal is to flee before the warden returns from an hour-long meeting. Gold Rush will send you on a hunt for hidden treasure that you have to find the stash which is hidden & before the mob does. If you sign up for The Heist, you’ll have to steal back a priceless piece of art that has gone missing along with your friends. And finally, you can relive your days of childhood in the Playground where you will need to complete your report card in time for summer. You can select anyone of them to go with.


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